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MBC-J aims to build on its human network in Morocco and Japan and its members assets to provide high standard business consulting services between Morocco and Japan.
MBC-J members are active professionals in Japan in different fields including but not limited to telecom, renewable energy, management, automobile, tourism, design, recruiting, healthcare, finance, IT, and education.
MBC-J members have a wide range of profiles including 10% business owners, 18% PhDs, 20% MBAs, 50% Master/Bachelor degrees (90% of them in engineering, 10% in management, others), and 20% students.
About 80% of MBC-J members are graduates of Japanese universities. Some members hold both MBA and engineering degrees. 20% of MBC-J members are located overseas.

Become an MBC-J member and join a diverse and influential network of Moroccan professionals and organizations who take a proactive interest in Morocco-Japan relations and value opportunities to share, debate and develop ideas on critical international issues.

The annual membership fees are as follows:

Professional Members: 10,000 Yen
Student Members: 2,000 Yen
Family Members: 5,000 Yen (Spouse, Children)

Payments via bank transfer and credit card are both available.

Your annual subscription enables us to work together to achieve the goals of MBC-J. It also covers a range of benefits for your membership:

# Use of MBC-J as a platform to stay informed and strengthen your professional network (e.g., access to meetings and seminars)
# Access to professional opportunities related to your expertise
# Access to MBC-J's human & financial resources to lead your projects within MBC-J
# Opportunity to join projects, contribute and get recognition for your contribution to empower economic and cultural ties between Morocco and Japan
# Access to MBC-J's Intranet

Regarding members who newly joined and paid their membership fees during 4th quarter (Oct. - Dec.), the fees paid cover their membership for the following year.


MBCJ provides a platform for its members to network socially and professionally. Check our Membership section to learn more.

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Corporate Members receive a wide range of benefits according to their level of engagement. Contact us for more information.

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