The Innovation Center working unit and the Think Tank working unit jointly convened a roundtable discussion on the Moroccan Automotive Industry and the opportunities for Japanese companies in this sector.
The roundtable was chaired by Mehdi Iraqi, Director of Innovation Center working unit.
Mr. Abdelhamid Addi presented the “Determinants of FDI & Country Selection” and Dr. Redouane Katouf briefed the Roundtable on “Japan Direct Investment in Morocco”

The aim of the Moroccan Automotive Industry roundtable discussion was to promote an open exchange of ideas and expertise on the challenges and opportunities facing the Moroccan government in attracting Japanese Direct Investments. Participants included members of the automotive industry, academics and government communities, and all expressed interest in exploring meaningful ways to promote Japanese Direct Investments in Morocco.

    The key objectives of the Moroccan Automotive Industry roundtable were to:

  • Bring experts in the field together for a focused discussion on Moroccan Automotive Industry;
  • Examine and review the current realities of this complex topic in an informal and collaborative manner;
  • Benefit from the presence and experience of Mr. Abderrahim Fukui El Mourade, Project manager at Sumitomo Wiring Systems ltd. and Mr. Abdelhamid Addi from fujikura ltd.
  • Identify topics for future MBCJ publications.

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